• CSR Vision

CSR Vision

We believe that we have a positive role in economic progress, supporting entrepreneurial opportunities and facilitating global trade.


At Vistra ITCL, we are in the business of helping our clients take their investments and their businesses across borders. We believe what we do is positive to our community because it helps create entrepreneurial opportunities on the one hand and facilitates economic development on the other. We do this through the latest best practices in terms of compliance and corporate governance, and, in doing so, we believe we are helping to make the world an easier and more accessible place to do business. 

Vistra's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative focuses on the key areas in which we positively impact our society and articulates directly how we go about ensuring that our actions help amplify such positive impact. Vistra CSR also provides valuable opportunities for us to engage positively with the key stakeholders of our business. 

  • For our employees, Vistra CSR provides a platform for them to engage in the Community Investment Programme and to make a positive difference in our communities. 
  • For our communities, Vistra CSR engages the company in Community Investment activities that are aligned to our global themes of benefiting the welfare of children, education and the environment.
  • For our clients, Vistra already facilitates their own CSR initiatives as part of the services we offer. Vistra CSR aims to make this a focus for the business so that we become the leading service provider for anyone wishing to set up structures to engage in philanthropic and charitable endeavours.
  • For our industry, Vistra CSR helps to communicate the constructive role our industry has on society and highlight our role in helping our clients navigate the complexities of crossing borders. 
  • For our environment, Vistra CSR provides a focal point around which change can take place within the company to help reduce our impact on the environment when doing business.

Our CSR Committee is composed of volunteer Partners from around the Group and they provide a focal point to coordinate communication and allocate resources so that our efforts in specific CSR initiatives can produce maximum impact.


Read the Vistra ICTL CSR Policy here


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